Monday, December 04, 2006

The Marriage of Francis O'Keefe and Elizabeth McPartland

This is the official copy (for genealogical purposes only) of the Marriage License for Francis O'Keefe and Elizabeth McPartland. The transcription of above certificate:

Left-hand Column:

Date of Marriage: September 8, 1897
Groom's Full Name: Francis O'Keefe
Residence of Groom: Medina, NY
Age: 30 Years
Color: White
Occupation: Hotel Landlord
Single or Widowed: Single
Birthplace of Groom: Shelby Center, Orleans Co, NY
Father's Name: Corneilus O'Keefe
Mother's Name: Mary Morgan
Number of Groom's Marriage: First
Bride's Full Name: Elizabeth McPartland
Residence of Bride: Wheatville [NY]
Age: 24 Years
Color: White
Single or Widowed: Single
Maiden Name if widowed: No
Birthplace of Bride: Wheatville, NY
Father's Name: Patrick McPartland
Mother's Maiden Name: Bridget Dugan
Number of Bride's Marriage: First
Name of Person performing Ceremony: Rev. F. J. Burns
Official Duties: Catholic Priest
Residence: East Pembroke, NY
Right-sided Column:
County of Genesee
Town of Alabama
Villiage of Wheatville
Certificate and Record of Marriage
State of New York -- Bureau of Vital Statistics
Numbers on left side: 16032 (stamped, meaning unclear)
Registered No. 193

I hereby certified that Francis O'Keefe and
Elizabeth McPartland were joined in Marriage
by me in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, at Wheatville, NY
this eighth day of September 1897
Signature of Witnesses in Marriage: Joseph Kearney, [unreadable]
Signature of Person performing ceremony: Rev. F.J. Burns
The marriage certificate contains all sorts of wonderful genealogical information. It lists the bride's maiden name as well as her parent's names (including mother's maiden name!) . Also listed are occupation for the groom and his parental information as well. These all help to link generations together, as well as point in new directions for research.

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