Thursday, November 30, 2006

Who's Who -- The Fields Family


This is a picture of the Joseph and Mary Jane Fields and their family in front of their Niagara Falls home at 1929 Whitney Ave. This was the family home for years, but unfortunately there was just a vacant lot at the site when I was in Niagara a couple years ago. I would put this photo as taken in the late 1920s or early 1930s.

Seated: Joseph Fields, Mary Jane LaRocque Fields
Standing, middle row (l to r): Carl, William, Leona, Eva, Louise, Lillian, Henry
Far back: Arthur Fields

Joseph Fields married Mary Jane La Rocque on 23 Nov 1885 in Trenton, Ontario. They had the following children:

Edward Joseph* - (b. 7 Jan 1887)

Mary Louise - "Louise" (11 Mar 1889 - 22 Oct. 1948)

Mary Eva -- "Eva" (24 Jan 1891 - 30 May 1973)

Arthur Joseph -- "Art" (4 July 1893 - 25 Apr 1969)

Henry Joseph - (23 Jun 1895 - 8 Nov 1970)

William Franklin - "Bill" (10 May 1897 - 19 Mar 1984)

Leona Esther** - (30 Mar 1902 - 15 Apr 1996)

Lillian Ina -- "Lil" (25 Jan 1908 - Jan 1994)

Carl Cletus -- (10 Feb 1910 - 17 Nov 2001)

*While I have the birth record for Edward Joseph, I do not have any other information, and he doesn't show up on subsequent censuses or family histories. I therefore am assuming that this child died young, before the immigration to the U.S. until proven otherwise.

**For those of you wondering how the Fields fit into the O'Keefe line, Leona Fields married Leo O'Keefe. See prior blog entries or Who's Who -- the family of Leo and Leona O'Keefe.

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peckgregory said...

Oh my gosh, Eva was my Grandma. She passed when I was very, very young. We lived in Buffalo, NY for most of our lives. My Dad has ten children. I would love to see more pictures and contact you.