Thursday, November 23, 2006

Who's who -- Leo and Leona's Family

Happy Thanksgiving! The above photo was taken on Nov. 26th, 1949 and features Leo and Leona O'Keefe and all their children. I thought the both the photo and the date that it was taken was particulary appropriate to a blog post about who's who in Leo and Leona's immediate family. First some names and then more details:

Front row (l to r): Patrick, Leona, Leo, and Robert
Back row (l to r): Edward, Elizabeth, Leo Jr., Raymond, Mary Louise, and James

From their much documented marriage (see below), Leo and Leona had the following children:
Leo Francis Jr. (b. 1923)
Elizabeth Jane -- "Betty" (b. May 23, 1924, d. Nov. 3rd, 1978)
James Joseph -- "Jim" (b. 1925)
Raymond Carl -- "Ray" (b. 1928)
Edward Michael -- "Ed" (b. 1930)
Mary Louise* -- "Mary Lou" (b. 1937)
Patrick Arthur -- "Pat" (b. 1940)
Robert John -- "Bob" (b. 1945)

*for those of you who want to know how I fit into the picture, Mary Lou is the mother of my wonderful hubby, Ed Scheel.

I'll be posting a single family in each Who's Who, plus including them in a separate label on the side for easy referral. This should help you (and me!) keep everyone straight...

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