Friday, November 10, 2006

A Marriage, Part IV


The final piece to the marriage license of Leo and Leona O'Keefe. Transcription (handwritten items in italic):

State of New York
Affidavit for License to Marry
#15598 (upper right hand corner)
No. 8102

(Stamp #1) New York State Dept. Vital Statistics Rec'd Oct 6 1922
(Stamp #2) Filed Niagara County July 17 1:35pm 1922, Clerk's Office, Lockport, New York

State of New York
County of Niagara (stamped twice)
City of Niagara Falls

Leo Francis O'Keefe (groom)
Leona Esther Fields (bride)

applicants for a license for marriage, being severally sworn, depose and say, that to the best of their knowledge and belief the following statement respectively signed by them is true and that no legal impediment exists as to the right of the applicants to enter into the marriage state.

(Column information identical to that on Marriage License.
See previous post: A Marriage, Part II.)

Signatures at bottom:

Leo Francis O'Keefe

Leona Esther Fields

Subscribed and sworn to before me this
31st day of May 1922
George J. Richards, Clerk

Future address
833 Elmwood Ave, Niagara Falls, NY

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