Monday, November 06, 2006

A Marriage (in several blogs)

This is the wedding photograph of Leo O'Keefe ad Leona Fields; they are seated in front. Behind them are the Maid of Honor, Loretta Brown, and Best Man, Joseph O'Keefe. Loretta is Leona's best friend (and would continue to be for years to come) and Joseph is Leo's older brother. The date is June 1st, 1922 and they are in Niagara Falls, NY. No, not just for their honeymoon - they lived there!

I love wedding photos. Not only do they document the actual event (what they wore, what they looked like, etc) but they hint at so much unseen. What were their hopes, dreams and plans? How'd they meet, what was their courtship like? What were they like?

This much I do know from family interviews: Leo and Leona met on a blind date. At the time, Leo was working a Delivery Person for Hackett's Grocery Store, located on Main near 3rd in Niagara. No Webvan deliveries here! Leo drove a horse and wagon, and his duties included taking care of the horse! He lived above the barn where the horse was kept.

Over the next several blogs, I will be posting their marriage certificate & attachments -- all three pages. The city of Niagara Falls didn't fool around when it came to documentation! Most of the marriage licenses I find are only one page or just an entry in a church record book. I'll be doing a page a blog to keep from having an Energizer blog (one that just keeps going and going....).

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