Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Laroque Link

I'm sorry that I haven't been posting regularly. I started a Photoshop class at the local college so that I could clean up many of the older pictures that I've scanned, and also zoom in on the details so they are clearer when posting.

I also have been meaning to pass on the following email regarding the previous post about Joseph Fields and Jenny Larocque:

There [is a] good chance that Jenny's parents were Jean-Baptiste Larocque (John Larocque) and Marie-Louise Martel (Mary Martell). The above couple were married in St-Polycarpe Quebec October 20 1856. St-Polycarpe is a little village about 10 miles from the Ontario border. You can visit my web site
Best regards, Louis Larocque

Louis' website is one of the best genealogical resources on the web, The LaRocque Family History Book, and is dedicated to the LaRocque (and its variation of spelling) line. It is well worth a visit and I will be adding it to the Favorite Websites list on this site. He was spot-on about Mary Jane's parents, and I will be looking up more LaRocques on his site!

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