Sunday, August 19, 2007

Updating the McPartland Family

In a previous blog, I detailed what I knew about the family of Patrick and Bridget Lydia McPartland. I've learned quite a bit more about them since my post, and I'd like to update that entry:

Patrick (1835-1884) and Bridget Lydia (1839-1932) both immigrated to the New York area from Ireland. They were married on 28 Nov 1856 in St. Joseph's Church, Batavia, NY. He was 21 and she was 17. They had 12 children:

Thomas (1857-1948) m. Mary Ann O'Keefe Mary Ann (1859-1908)

Mary Ann (1859-1946)

Charles (1861-1863)

James (1863-1946)

Joseph (1866-1946)

John (1866-1956)

= John and Joseph were twins.

Jane Ellen (1868-1913) also called Jennie

Catherine (1870-1971) m. James Cassidy

Elizabeth (1873-1938) m. Francis O'Keefe

Edward Miles (1876 - 1931)

Frances (1878-1908) also called Fannie; m. William Gratrick

Alice Rose (1881-1892)

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