Thursday, August 16, 2007

Spending time in Alabama (Alabama, NY that is!)

I spent some research time in New York recently, and got tons of things to post... it's going to take me weeks to sort everything out! Thanks especially to those who hosted me: Uncle Jim and Aunt Agnes O'Keefe, Kathy O'Keefe, Kay Cassidy Wright and Joe Cassidy. Kay and Joe are pictured above. (Sorry for the shadows, my camera doesn't fix pilot error!).

Kay and Joe are cousins through the Cassidy line. Their grandmother was Catherine McPartland, who married James Cassidy in 1904. Catherine was the daughter of Patrick and Lydia McPartland, and the sister of Elizabeth McPartland O'Keefe, wife of Francis O'Keefe.

Joe emailed me a few months back saying he was happy to read about his Aunt Lizzie on my blog. Of course, I immediately emailed him back! He put me in touch with Kay, who is also a genealogist and a very generous person. She not only shared all her knowledge of our common family members, she let me take pictures of her ample supply of photos, clippings, etc. AND took me to many family places and introduce me to people. This explains how I ended up in Alabama, NY actually getting to meet Joe and seeing various places in McPartland history. You'll be seeing a lot of Kate's stuff in the future.

Since my last blog was about the McPartlands, I thought I would first start with all the info about where they lived: in the town of Alabama, Genesee County, NY. This is about 20 miles from Medina, Orleans County, NY where the O'Keefes lived. I'll then move on to Medina, and from there Niagara.

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