Sunday, April 22, 2007

Who's Who -- the family of Patrick McPartland and Bridget Lydia Dugan

As per her marriage certificate, Elizabeth McPartland was the daughter of Patrick McPartland and Bridget (Lydia) Dugan. Both Patrick and Bridget immigrated from Ireland. However, I have no record of them knowing each other before immigration. Bridget immigrated with her family and appears to have met Patrick when he immigrated and moved to Genesee County, New York.

Patrick and Bridget had the following children:

Thomas (1857-1948)
m. Mary Ann O'Keefe

Mary Ann (1859-?)

James (1863-1946)

Joseph (1866-1946)

John (1866-?)
(John and Joseph were twins)

Jane Ellen (1868-1913)
also called Jennie

Catherine (1870-1971)
m. James Cassidy

Elizabeth (1873-1938)
m. Francis O'Keefe

Edward (1876 - ?)

Frances (1878-1908)
also called Fanny; m. William Gratrick

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Linda O'Keefe said...


My name is Linda O'Keefe and I'm the granddaughter of James O'Keefe, Jr. I randomly was looking up some information about a senior project for geneology I did a few years ago, and when I typed in some of the names, your blog was the first to show up!

I learned so much from your research, and it's utterly fascinating! I would love to have met the family from Ireland all those years ago...

Thanks so much for making our family come alive again (without it being creepy of course)!!

Sincerely yours,